Wonder Woman Costume

30/08/2016 / DIY /

Everyone knows I’m a bit “extra” when it comes to parties, so when my Wonder Woman costume arrived, it came as no surprise to some that it wasn’t good enough for me.


I love the original Wonder Woman costume and wanted one exactly like this but they were going for a minimum of ¬£500 on eBay! So I decide to make it myself ūüė≥

I kept the shop-bought one just incase, but needless to say, I didn’t need it! Here’s how I made my costume…

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Crazy Peacock Lady

24/11/2015 / Invitation, Love /

For the¬†two¬†years that I spent planning our wedding, I was known as the “crazy¬†peacock lady”¬†‚ÄĒ¬†at least,¬†that’s how I reminded people of who I¬†was over the phone!! However, despite what some¬†people¬†think, I¬†don’t have¬†a crazy fascination¬†with¬†peacocks! Honest! I’m the sort of designer¬†who¬†gets immersed in my projects and I really enjoy tying everything together and sticking to a¬†theme.

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Make your own Paper Moon

30/07/2015 / DIY /

It seems like every wedding/party you go to, they have a photo booth! It’s because they are so much fun. There’s something about dressing up that makes people relax more and enjoy themselves.

I love the old fashioned 1920s style photo booths with the paper moon, so for our wedding I decided to make my own! Of course!

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Time to Change

10/09/2014 / health, Infographic /

Time to Change are England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.


Ocean have been asked to produce¬†a number of infographic posters which will engage and attract a wider audience. Time to Change wanted this poster to tell a story and to show the ‘path’ taken to helping tackle stigma within black and minority ethnic communities. We decided to design this poster¬†in a comic strip style to make it easier to read and understand. Time to Change were also able to use each section on its own for other material.


Travel Themed Engagement

02/02/2014 / Invitation, Love /

A celebration is a great opportunity to do some personal work, which I never seem to have much time to do!

My partner loves maps, so I decide that travel/journeys would be our theme. After all, life is a journey, and this is the beginning of our journey together, as a couple.

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15/01/2014 / Invitation /

Sadly Roger Lloyd-Pack died of Pancreatic cancer today, at the age of 69. In his memory I thought I’d share a short story of when he came into our store, whilst I was working at Christo Print and Design. This story will make me look quite stupid ‚Äď but sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves‚Ķ

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