Crazy Peacock Lady

24/11/2015 / Invitation, Love /

For the two years that I spent planning our wedding, I was known as the “crazy peacock lady” — at least, that’s how I reminded people of who I was over the phone!! However, despite what some people think, I don’t have a crazy fascination with peacocks! Honest! I’m the sort of designer who gets immersed in my projects and I really enjoy tying everything together and sticking to a theme.

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Travel Themed Engagement

02/02/2014 / Invitation, Love /

A celebration is a great opportunity to do some personal work, which I never seem to have much time to do!

My partner loves maps, so I decide that travel/journeys would be our theme. After all, life is a journey, and this is the beginning of our journey together, as a couple.

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15/01/2014 / Invitation /

Sadly Roger Lloyd-Pack died of Pancreatic cancer today, at the age of 69. In his memory I thought I’d share a short story of when he came into our store, whilst I was working at Christo Print and Design. This story will make me look quite stupid – but sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves…

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