100 Years of Yiayia Afrou

This book was a personal project that I completed in May 2012 based on 100 years of my Great Grandmother’s life which I designed and wrote myself in Greek and in English.

I collected stories, photographs and information on my Great Grandmother’s life and her descendants. I presented this all in a 200 page book, including a 3-page fold-out of my own version of a timeline/family tree, and photographs of all the family members. Throughout the book, I have used symbols to either represent specific family members or events and have explained this all in a key.

I ‘dressed’ the book the way my Great Grandmother would have dressed. The outside black cloth cover represents the black clothes that she wore after her husband passed away, the silver foiling is her silver/white hair, and the inside lining of the book is of a pattern that she wore before her husband died. The book is about her and I wanted to represent her down to every last detail.

I would absolutely love to do another project like this. The old photographs and the beautiful stories are just amazing. Please contact me if you would like a book made on your family history. I am happy to conduct interviews and scan in old photos to create the perfect book for you and your family.

  • Date: 05/13/2012
  • Categories: Book / Infographics & Symbols / Special Finishing