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Construction Industry Council Identity

The Construction Industry Council is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry. As part of a strategic review it was decided that the CIC wanted to re-fresh their existing brand identity to include a new strapline ‘Built Environment Professions Together’. Their stakeholders did not wish to loose the already familiar ‘agora’ design and were keen to retain this and at the same time find a way of making these elements work together within the digital world where the existing brand identity struggled to gain clarity.

The redesigned logo retains a pared down version of the retained ‘agora’ and turning it 90 degrees accentuates the curves on the two ‘C’s of CIC. Simplifying the company’s name to the acronym ‘CIC’ meant that the new strapline could be strongly feature without dominating the whole. Finally replacing the old company red with a fresh and vibrant green meant it had more impact.

Ocean created templates for letterheads, business cards, PowerPoint slides, as well as brand guidelines for the new identity.