Amathus Holiday Brochure

This was a challenging project that I worked on whilst freelancing at Creative Link. We had to create a layout that would work for each individual hotel, plus a tabbing system that would help the reader understand what page they were on, and separate the hotels into sections depending on what country/city they were in.

Once that’s all agreed, the tough part it actually waiting for the content and images to come from all the individual hotels and then taking in amends from hundreds of different people.

I pride myself on being highly organised, which is why I was given this job to do. I ensure that all amends are taking in and done correctly. I work fast because I have a system of marking emails and noting down anything that’s not quite right. I have a great eye for detail and think of myself as a somewhat human checklist.

A project like this is very rewarding, because once you’ve got through all the hours of hard work, you end up feeling relieved and admire the beautifully laid out brochure that you’ve completed. Too bad we don’t get sent out on one of these holidays!