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Bits of Roger McGough

ISTD Awarded double-sided book celebrating the life and work of the poet Roger McGough. The book represents the two sides of McGough’s brain/personality, who he has named Max and Magenta. Max is the organised and mathematical side of his brain and magenta is the more exiting and random side. McGough has a staccato writing style, therefore the book has been created in a staccato manner by including bits of his life, parts of his poems and cropped letters.

The project was wrapped in a poster created from Roger McGough’s poem ‘Bits of Me’. The idea is that the book represents ‘Bits’ of Roger McGough, and inspiration from Wim Crouwel’s work led me to cutting up the poem into ‘bits’ and sticking them back together in a way so that you could still read the poem.

I gave Roger McGough a copy of my book and he sent me a lovely email:


“Hello Marianna,

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to make a copy of your book and give it to me.

Your talent takes my breath away.

I love the visual and textual games you play

( I feel a poem coming on!)

Seriously, the book is lovely and I shall treasure it.

I wish you every success in your career.


  • Date: 2007
  • Categories: Award Winning / Book