Wonder Woman Costume

30/08/2016 / DIY /

Everyone knows I’m a bit “extra” when it comes to parties, so when my Wonder Woman costume arrived, it came as no surprise to some that it wasn’t good enough for me.


I love the original Wonder Woman costume and wanted one exactly like this but they were going for a minimum of £500 on eBay! So I decide to make it myself 😳

I kept the shop-bought one just incase, but needless to say, I didn’t need it! Here’s how I made my costume…

I wanted to make it as close to the original as possible, but since I’m not a seamstress it needed to be fairly easy to put together. I drew a sketch of the original costume and then looked at what I would be able to do myself. A long cape would need a lot of material, and therefore decided that a shorter cape would be easier and more cost-effective to make. I decide that buying a corset would be the easiest option and I can stitch the gold design on top. I drew a second sketch with the adapted design, so that the top half didn’t stop at the waist.


I bought: a red corset; royal blue ballet pants; Super Girl boot covers; gold braided rope cushion edging for my lasso; gold leather-look material for the corset details; red, white and blue satin for cape; cross & dot paper; red, white and blue iron-on fabric stars; white t-shirt transfer paper and iron-on Velcro.

Tha cape:

I did some online research and looks at how others made their Wonder Woman capes. Everyone does theirs slightly different, but I’d decided I wanted my cape to be reversible so I could wear it either with the stars on the outside or the inside. This meant that all my stitches had to be hidden.

I worked out how long my cape could be based on the width of my material and made sure I allowed for seam allowance.

I created a mini template and physically made th cape so that I knew it worked. Each piece would need to be stitched together and then pulled from the inside out so you couldn’t see the stitches. The mini template was handy to ensure the real one was put together correctly.

I drew the template to size and then cutout each section. I made the cape a semi-circle so that I could open it out like wings to show off the stars. It also made it easier to get all the sections to the correct size. The main red section was half of the semi-circle, and then I just folded the other half so that all my other sections were equal in size. I had 4 different sizes in total, including the main red section.

You can find some helpful info on how to make the cape from The Stitch Sharer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY3QgPJ5Yjk My ribbon around the neck was made differently but I haven’t got any visuals of this.

Once the cape was done, I ironed on my stars and now I was ready for the next step!

The corset:

I found the corset the hardest bit! Mainly due to the fact that I was using my own body as a model and had to keep putting it on an drawing on myself to get the shape right! I also couldn’t figure out what shape the belt needed to be!

I knew that I had to ensure that all the hooks on the corset needed to be covered and that it was symmetrical.

Once I got the shape right on the paper, I folded my paper and material in half and cutout the design.

I then sketched my W design on the template paper and rubbed it onto the gold material. I used this as a guide to hand-stitch the design onto the material, as well as stitching it directly onto the corset.

Tip: I used tiny elastic bands to hold the corset hooks together and cut up a kitchen sponge to add some padding so that you couldn’t see or feel the hooks.

I stitched on a small loop for my lasso and attached it to the inside so it would not move, and also added Velcro to the back of the belt so that it could easily be taken on and off.

The pants:

The first pair of pants, were PANTS! Tip: make sure your iron is set to a very low heat! I ruined my first pair of pants because the material melted and stuck together! Oops!

All I had to do with the pants was cutout some stars from my tshirt transfer paper and iron them on. Transfer paper is great because it stretches with the material. I ironed on stars to the front and back and ensured that they would all show under the corset.

The final costume:

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please send me a message of you want me to clarify any steps.

Thanks for reading!