Make your own Paper Moon

30/07/2015 / DIY /

It seems like every wedding/party you go to, they have a photo booth! It’s because they are so much fun. There’s something about dressing up that makes people relax more and enjoy themselves.

I love the old fashioned 1920s style photo booths with the paper moon, so for our wedding I decided to make my own! Of course!

I started off by sketching out how I wanted my paper moon to look. I wanted him to look happy and friendly.

Once I’d decided on his face, I started drawing onto a large piece of foam board that we happen to have in the office! I cut around the outside of the moon first with a stanly knife to make sure I was happy with the size and shape, before cutting the inside.

Once I was happy with that I carefully cut out the inside. TIP: It goes without saying, but use a cutting mat please!

I then wrapped the moon up in black bin liners and carried him home on the tube! That was a fun experience!

I painted the moon with 2 coats of white paint, and once they were dry, I re-drew his features using black acrylic paint.

Attaching the moon to a table wasn’t an easy task. People thought that this is where I would fail, but I never give up! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Sorry, but I have not images for this process:

  1. I “borrowed” my brother’s old desk (he wasn’t using it anyway), and glued some black material to the top of it.
  2. With small nails and strong glue, I attached a long thin piece of wood along the side of the paper moon, and a large L-shaped bar to the bottom of it.
  3. On the other side, I attached a small L-shaped bar to the end. This would loosely attach to the side of the table-top by drilling a hole into the side, and popping a long screw into it once assembled (it was the only way because the table had metal legs that I could drill into).
  4. I got a small piece of wood (roughly the same length as the large L-shaped bar), wrapped it in the same black cloth, and used the L-shaped bar as a guide to drill a couple of holes into it.
  5. I got some long nuts and bolts and threaded them through the holes.
  6. With the screws facing upwards, I drilled the small piece of wood to one corner of the table. I needed an extra pair of hands to hold everything in place so that everything was drilled in the correct position.
  7. All I had to do now was thread the L-shaped bars through the screws and bolt them in and it was stable.

I bought extra black cloth to use as a backdrop and we were getting there! I just needed some stars and props!

I designed my own props and got them laser cut out of wood. I painted them with acrylic paints and attached 5mm dowel sticks to the back of them with hot glue.

I cut-out some stars from felt, and attached them to my backdrop using fabric glue.

We even managed to get two people sitting on the paper moon. Very happy with the result!