Wonder Woman Costume

30/08/2016 / DIY /

Everyone knows I’m a bit “extra” when it comes to parties, so when my Wonder Woman costume arrived, it came as no surprise to some that it wasn’t good enough for me.


I love the original Wonder Woman costume and wanted one exactly like this but they were going for a minimum of ¬£500 on eBay! So I decide to make it myself ūüė≥

I kept the shop-bought one just incase, but needless to say, I didn’t need it! Here’s how I made my costume…

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Crazy Peacock Lady

24/11/2015 / Invitation, Love /

For the¬†two¬†years that I spent planning our wedding, I was known as the “crazy¬†peacock lady”¬†‚ÄĒ¬†at least,¬†that’s how I reminded people of who I¬†was over the phone!! However, despite what some¬†people¬†think, I¬†don’t have¬†a crazy fascination¬†with¬†peacocks! Honest! I’m the sort of designer¬†who¬†gets immersed in my projects and I really enjoy tying everything together and sticking to a¬†theme.

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Make your own Paper Moon

30/07/2015 / DIY /

It seems like every wedding/party you go to, they have a photo booth! It’s because they are so much fun. There’s something about dressing up that makes people relax more and enjoy themselves.

I love the old fashioned 1920s style photo booths with the paper moon, so for our wedding I decided to make my own! Of course!

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